W.E. Lusain Funeral Home & Crematory
2060 Germantown St., Dayton, OH 45417
(937) 268-6869

Direct Cremation - $799:

- Transportation to Our Crematory (within 25 miles)
- Includes weight up to 250 lbs
- Refrigeration of unembalmed remains
- Basic services of funeral director & staff
- Cardboard Cremation Box and a Plastic Urn
- Securing all permits and cremation fees
- Death Certificate Filing

Death Certificate Costs:
Greene County - $24.00
Montgomery County - $22.00
Clark County - $22.00
Butler County - $25.00
Warren County - $22.00


How It Works
(1) Notify the hospital, hospice, or nursing home to call (937) 268-6869 once your loved one has passed. We do not need paperwork in order to pick up your loved one.

(2) Before or after your loved one passes, print the forms below, fill them out by hand, and fax or email them to our office. You may also take a picture of the forms with your smart phone.

Download Cremation Authorization Form
and DC Form (For Death Certificate)

(3) If you do not have access to these items, you may make an appointment at our funeral home.

(4) Payment may be made over the phone or at at the funeral home

Cremation View- add $200
This service includes up to Three (3) family members present at the start of the cremation.

Cremains Shipping- add $100
This service includes the certified shipping and handling of cremains anywhere within the continental US.