Grunn Funeral Home is now:
W.E. Lusain
Funeral Home
3275 Erie Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45208

$4K Complete Funeral Includes:
- Transfer of remains to Funeral Home
- Basic services of funeral home staff
- Embalming, Dressing, and Cosmetics
- 2 hour service (same day)
- Hearse and Escort to local cemetery
- Lincoln 20 Gauge Casket
- Red Carnation Spray
- 100 Funeral Programs or Memorial Cards
- Matching Register Book
- 1 Certified Death Certificate

- Does not include cemetery expenses
(vault, plot, open/close)

20 Gauge Lincoln Copper

Large Red Carnation Spray Included
- Add $500 for any 18 Gauge Casket (see below)
- Add $500 per hour for services on Nights, Weekends, or Holidays
- Add a Family Car for $500 each
- Flower Upgrade must be quoted

Upgrade to any 18 Gauge Casket for $500: (Videos may be viewed here)

$1500 Solid Cherry Upgrade

$2000 Solid Mahogany Upgrade